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A gourmet theatre that presents the art galleries where you can admire works by major names: Warhol, César, Arman, Pavlos, Richard Aujard, Erro, Peter Anton, Laurence Jenkell, Bernard Pras…
We go there for the food and for the post-pop atmosphere.

Black slate table tops, “Ferrari”-red leather benches and modern works of art. A rare, artistic and happy atmosphere for the 50 people on stage!

Restaurant à Paris 16 - Le petit Pergolèse
Restaurant à Paris 16 - Le petit Pergolèse
Alexandra Damas
a word about the owner


In 2019, Alexandra became the new owner of the restaurant, taking over from the talented Albert Corre.

Some will say it was fated: Alexandra Damas knew Albert 30 years ago when she was the sommelier at Le Pergolèse. Since then, she has worked as the sommelier at Alain Passard’s Arpège, opened L’os à Moelle, worked with her brother at the Square Trousseau and lastly, in 1999 she opened Le Moulin à Vent, a well-known restaurant in Paris’ 5th arrondissement.


New items on the menu

As you don’t change a winning team, the restaurant retained Thierry, Albert Corre’s loyal second, as the restaurant manager, as well as his entire team.

With regard to the restaurant, Alexandra have kept all the Petit Pergolèse’s best sellers and added the dishes that made a success of her previous establishment: Porterhouse steak in a pepper cream sauce, Prime rib of Salers beef and even Provencal-style sautéed frogs’ legs.

Thierry - Restaurant manager